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P160/32 is a programmable dispensing and registration device for use in dispensing systems.

Technical description
  • 128 programmable inputs
  • 32 programmable outputs for 24 VAC magnetic valves.
  • Expandable to up to 64 outputs
  • Alphanumeric 2x20 character display with matrix-keyboard OR
  • Up to 16 MikroTouch "displays"
  • Up to 4 parallel waiter locks
  • 1000 products total, 256 dispensing

The device manage up to 64 waiters, is equipped with printer and serial ports and can run two. It saves months and monthly waiter accounts.

Configuration data are saved in an EEPROM even if the power unit fails. The software option cleaning programs allows you to have your fluid pipes cleansed automatically.

  • Dosing of drink portions by time or volume.
  • Registration (e.g. liquor dispenser, coffee machine).
  • Measuring of amounts for drinks which should not be portioned; e.g. beer is drawn from a manual dispenser and accounted for in pints or litres for each waiter.
  • Accounting of waiters on the device's integrated display or on a connected printer (optional).
  • Network operation of up to eight devices; accounts are managed on the master for all the devices together.
  • Transfer of dispensations to a personal computer with tbt's gastronomic and guest check system Carat.


PDC X42/32

The new PDC is here! With more features despite being only half the predecessor's size.

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MikroTouch (without MegaPower) can be used instead of a printed keyboard for bar electronics (e.g. P160/32). Besides the possibility to scroll through multiple pages, it is possible to display stopped portions and received credits.

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