POS Hard­ware

Reliable hardware, smart billing

TBT mini "Terminal"

The TBT mini as Terminal version is a compact and user-friendly input terminal for our POS systems - e.g. at the entrance.

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TBT mini "EWMS"

The TBT mini as EWMS version connects coffee machines and other serial and parallel devices to a POS terminal.

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Patriot 2

The Patriot 2 waiter lock system allows contactless autentication of users. Besides Patriot 2 waiter keys, the reader also supports RFID cards and "wristwatches" based on EM4102 (125kHz) as long as the connected electronics support it too.

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This innovative waiter lock system grants you high security in the setup of your devices. The keys are furnished with a transponder and a 128-byte EEPROM. They can be configured on the PC or with a portable programming device.

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