OEM Electronics

Electronics made in Austria


This innovative waiter lock system grants you high security in the setup of your devices. The keys are furnished with a transponder and a 128-byte EEPROM. They can be configured on the PC or with a portable programming device.

When inserting a key into the lock, the transponder transmits its registration number to the device, allowing the waiter to book.
The lock system enables you to assign up to 8 working areas to your employees. Thus, it is possible to set up a key so that it will be acknowledged e.g. in bar and disco but not in the restaurant.

The loss of a key is no longer followed by expensive and tedious alterations to your system. The whole system can be reprogrammed half-automatically, so that the unauthorised use of the lost key becomes impossible. It is not necessary to exchange the locks and keys.

Size (LxWxH): 63x30x26 mm