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Gastro-Service (GS) is a software program for the input, transfer and storing of device configuration data on a PC.

The main applications of Gastro Service are development, testing, installation and maintenance of the target devices. Our new GS for Windows moreover provides you with the amenities of the Windows surface and considerably facilitates your editing of device data.

The advantages of GS in comparison with direct editing on the device are as follows:
  • Configuration on the PC is more comfortable than on the target devices.
  • Data of several terminals can be adapted without effort.
  • PC data can be saved on disk.
  • Gastro Service is device independent – you can use a single service program for various target devices (dispensers, terminals, etc.). Common data (e.g. product groups) are entered once and then sent to the respective target devices.
GS – main functions
  • Editing of device data
  • Saving and loading data from Disk
  • Data transfer to and from the target device
  • Special functions (setting of the internal clock, terminal)
  • The configuration data managed by GS comprise products, groups and stock, channels, waiter keys, as well as forms and key assignations. Special data like the current time and network configuration can be altered comfortably.