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A new form of dispensing equipment. Mini-Queen comes up to the requirement for dispensing equipment to be small, compact and flexible.

The touch screen based operation and modern technology make this possible. The Queen design line allows a complex product to look like artwork.

  • Integrated beverage control system with 5 valve outputs and 5 error and flow meter inputs
  • Enough space for 5 internal valves
  • The "valve expander" VE300x8 allows Mini-Queen to control 8 additional valve outputs and 18 additional inputs
  • Integrated Patriot2 waiter lock on RFID basis
  • Touch screen with 2.8" and 320x240 pixels
  • 5 stainless steel pipes for outflow of wine and spirits
  • Post-mix mixer for outflow of water and soda-water mixed with up to 6 syrups
  • Allows debit and credit based operation as well as simple volume metering

More Products

VE300 x8

"Valve expander" for MikroTouch+MegaPower, Mini-Queen, Single Queen and MikroQueen.

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