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Compact beverage control system for your counter.

  • Compact chassis for table/counter mounting
  • Integrated beverage control system with 5 valve outputs and up to 11 error and flow meter inputs
  • The "valve expander" VE300x8 allows it to control 8 additional valve outputs and 18 additional inputs
  • Integrated Patriot2 waiter lock on RFID basis
  • Touch screen with 2.8" and 320x240 pixels
  • Allows debit and credit based operation as well as simple volume metering

More Products

VE300 x8

"Valve expander" for MikroTouch+MegaPower, Mini-Queen, Single Queen and MikroQueen.

Product information

TBT mini "V5"

The TBT mini as V5 version is able to control up to 5 24VAC valves and to monitor up to 5 flow-meters.

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