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MEGA Queen

MEGA Queen is the successful synthesis of design, technology and innovative beverage technology.

Plug & Play beverage technology
  • 14 built-in flow control for
  • 10x syrup
  • 6x spirits
  • 4x soda or water
  • distributed over 3 outlets

The operation is optimized by 4 integrated touch screens.
MEGA Queen blends harmoniously into the Queen product line, whose exclusive design conveys a very special charisma.

  • Integrated dispensing computer with 4 touch screens, 2 serial and 1 network interface
  • Allows debit operation, credit operation and litre counting
  • POS network and configuration via RS232 or 10/100 Mbit LAN
  • Has a built-in remote control lock - also 125kHz cards/"clocks".
  • Communicates with you and all products of the TBT family