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PDC X42/32

The new PDC is here! With more features despite being only half the predecessor's size.

  • High performance thanks to an ARM processor
  • 32 valve outputs
  • 64 digital inputs for flow-meters, level indicators and hardware-buttons
  • 2 clearance relays
  • 4 RS232 for POS connection and serial devices
  • 1 10/100Mbit LAN interface for POS connection and configuration
  • Up to 16 MikroTouch displays on 2 connectors: "internal" and "external"
  • 3 PWM outputs for LED lighting
  • Connector for up to 4 extension boards

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MikroTouch (without MegaPower) can be used instead of a printed keyboard for bar electronics (e.g. P160/32). Besides the possibility to scroll through multiple pages, it is possible to display stopped portions and received credits.

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Mikro NG 4.3"

Mikro NG 4.3" (without add-on boards) are used as input terminals for our bar electronics (e.g. P160/32 or PDC X42/32).

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The 16-channel valve expander for PDC X42/32.

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