Solid Series

The next generation of drink dispensing

solid series p8

The p8 tower represents the new generation of the beverage dispenser. The portioning of the beverages is controlled by pumps which, in combination with the soda/water valves, guarantee optimum mixing.
If you have the Bag-In-Boxes under the counter, for example, feed pumps are a thing of the past!

As the name suggests, you can pour up to 8 different drinks through this column, in addition to valve-controlled water and soda, of course.

Join us on a journey into the future of beverage dispensing!

  • 8 pumps / 2 valves
  • No more delivery pumps required for near Bag-In-Boxes
  • 4.3" touch display for optimum user-friendliness
  • Credit or debit operation
  • Can be used as a composite or stand-alone solution
  • CustomColor

Customise the dispensing tower to suit your business by selecting your colour for the rear panel and the mounting frame. On request we can also apply your logo on the tower.

Patent pending.