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Flomatic snap-on

The Flomatic snap-on module is an attachment cap with a built-in 2.8" display and a 3-valve controller (nano ng+), which can be attached to conventional Flomatic valves in a user-friendly way in order to control them electronically.

  • 2.8" Touch Screen
  • Supports up to 3 valves
  • Portioning based on time or volume
  • 1 Serial port and 1 TBT-Bus
  • Credit, debit, stand-alone or flowmeter mode
  • Serial waiter lock or integrated RFID reader
  • Direct connection to a printer possible
  • Waiter statistics on screen or printer
  • Connectable to POS systems (TBT- and E-Protocol)
  • Page-turning function
  • Programmable on-screen or using a comfortable PC-software
  • Lock-screen with custom image or logo

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nano ng+

The nano ng+ is the successor to the popular nano-touch. It consists of a single board, which has both a 2.8" touch display and 3 integrated valve-controllers.

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