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TBT's accounting and guest-check system Carat for Windows is an accomplished software solution for gastronomy enterprises which can be employed in bars and restaurants of various size and organisation. During the development and continuous improvement and enhancement of this program, we take into consideration the requirements and proposals of experienced gastronomers with whom we are in close contact.

The WinCarat concept is flexible and well prepared for all possibilities of future enhancements. The integration of additional devices – e.g. when refurnishing or enlarging the premises – poses no problems whatever and takes only little effort.

WinCarat communicates with hotel software like HOT-Line, Star Hotelprogramm and HOT-Com. Interfaces for system extensions e.g. for hotels, filling stations, self-service devices (beverages, tobacco etc.) have already been provided for in the system structure and can be implemented on demand.

WinCarat system setup

The system's core is a Windows computer (Windows 95, 98, NT oder 2000). The device (with an optional printer for calculation and records printing) will normally be situated in the office or a similar room not accessible to guests.

This computer is connected to:
  • Up to 20 register terminals with optional docket or guest-check printer. Alternatively, pocket Funky or Funky 4 radio terminals (without printer), no bigger than a fair-sized pocket calculator, can be used.
  • Up to 20 dispensing computers, which also are suited for connecting spirit dispensers and coffee machines.
  • Up to 20 additional docket printers (e.g. in the kitchen).
  • Special terminals and printers for special tasks like tickets, wardrobe etc.
  • Templates for product assignment can be designed on the computer and then transferred to the dispenser or terminal.
System features
  • Up to 5,000 products with product numbers from 1-999,999.
  • Product oriented docket printing either on the booking terminal or one of up to ten other locations (e.g. kitchen, pizza oven, grilling place …).
  • Stock organisation for all or selected products with customised amount units.
  • Automatic deduction from stock after sale. Automatic re-calculation of stock value after purchase.
  • Delivery listing by supplier, date, and stock account.
  • Up to 64 waiters with assignable table and authorisation areas allowing you to control access to the system's functions.
  • Up to 999 tables with invoicing in one of 20 pay modes (e.g. check, Visa, Eurocard, foreign currencies etc.).
  • Generation of daily and monthly calculations containing all the turnovers during the specified time; subdivided in tax groups, and with automatic calculation of service charge, VAT and other taxes.
  • 8 price levels by default, switched according to time or area.
  • Security through authorisation codes for up to 10 users, allowing you to grant trusworthy persons access to selected system functions.
  • Record keeping of all bookings.

More Products

Beer Stock Exchange

With the help of this function, the price of one or more articles can be determined according to overall consumption or current demand with up to 10 price levels.

Product information