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Oscar2, the successor to Oscar, is an all-bottle beverage control device in a compact chassis. Dispensing is done using a "pourer" and an "activator" - wired or as table-mounted device.
User interaction is made easy using an integrated touch screen.

  • The bottle is closed and sealed by plugging in a pourer - a magnetically activated valve
  • The pourers are supplied with an RFID chip to identify the bottle before dispensing
  • The gab between the bottle and the pourer is sealed using a sealing ring to detect abuse easily
  • To start the dispensing, you just have to tip over the "activator" with purer and bottle in it - or you can pre-select a cocktail or non-standard portion first
  • An integrated light barrier will detect whether the drink is pouring or not and whether the portion is complete or not

Oscar2 is available as two-part wired device, all-in-one table-mounted device and as OEM module.

  • Touch screen
    The 2.8 inch touch screen with 320x240 pixels allows easy operation.
  • Waiter based bookings
    The portions will be saved or transmitted with the waiter identification. Oscar2 allows up to 63 different waiters and a "default waiter key".
  • µPatriot
    An integrated Patriot2 waiter lock (optional) allows minimum space requirements.
  • Network, stand-alone - Credit, Debit
    Oscar2 can do it.
  • Auto Retry
    Using the light barrier, Oscar2 will detected if the pourer won't open and will retry to open it.
  • Auto Clean Up
    As soon as you raise the bottle, Oscar2 will re-open the valve for a split second to remove sticky leftovers.
  • Auto Continue
    Using the light barrier, Oscar2 will detect if the bottle gets empty and allows the waiter to continue using a new bottle.
  • Auto Repeat
    If you keep the bottle tipped over after a portion is done, Oscar2 will start another one.
  • Cocktail Guide
    Oscar2 shows you what to to on the display.

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Standard pouring units fit for use with the all-bottle systems Oscar, Oscar2, WAB and Goldflow WL®. They use a 1-valve solution to start/stop the portion and are available in 2 variants: Spirit, Wine.

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TBT mini "Oscar"

The TBT mini as Oscar version allows the user to pour drinks off bottles closed by Oscar pourers.

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