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TBT mini "Oscar"

The TBT mini as Oscar version allows the user to pour drinks off bottles closed by Oscar pourers.

The 4.3" touch screen helps to better display credits and cocktail steps compared to Oscar 2 and Oscar ECO.

How it works
  • The bottles are closed by magnetically activated pourers.
  • The pourers are fitted with transponders (programmable RFID discs) by which the device can recognize the bottle.
  • When the activator is put onto the pourer, you can either select one of the programmed sizes or cocktails on-screen or start the default size by tilting the bottle.
  • A light-barrier detects whether the the porition is complete or not and allows to continue with a new bottle.
  • 4.3" touch screen
  • 1x RS232 for POS connection
  • 1x Ethernet optional
  • Integrated waiter lock optional
  • Auto-Retry
  • Auto-Cleanup
  • Auto-Continue
  • Auto-Repeat
  • Programmable on-screen Cocktail Guide

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Oscar Balance enhances the Oscar 2 electronics with a 4.3" screen and an integrated scale.

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Standard Pouring Units

Standard pouring units fit for use with the all-bottle systems Oscar, Oscar2, WAB and Goldflow WL®. They use a 1-valve solution to start/stop the portion and are available in 2 variants: Spirit, Wine.

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