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Oscar Balance

Oscar Balance enhances the Oscar 2 electronics with a 4.3" screen and an integrated scale.

Opposed to the classic Oscar, portions are controlled by weight. This way, dispensed volumes and the "auto-continue" feature are independent of the bottle's fill level.

How it works
  • The bottles are closed by magnetically activated pourers.
  • The pourers are fitted with transponders (programmable RFID discs) by which the device can recognize the bottle.
  • To start the pouring, a glass is placed onto the plate.
  • When the activator is put onto the pourer, you can either select one of the programmed sizes or cocktails on-screen or start the default size by tilting the bottle.
  • The integrated scale measures the poured amount.
  • An additional light-barrier detects if something goes wrong.
  • 4.3" touch screen
  • 1x RS232 for POS connection
  • 1x Ethernet optional
  • Integrated waiter lock optional
  • Auto-Retry
  • Auto-Cleanup
  • Auto-Continue
  • Auto-Repeat
  • Programmable on-screen Cocktail Guide

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Standard Pouring Units

Standard pouring units fit for use with the all-bottle systems Oscar, Oscar2, WAB and Goldflow WL®. They use a 1-valve solution to start/stop the portion and are available in 2 variants: Spirit, Wine.

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TBT mini "Oscar"

The TBT mini as Oscar version allows the user to pour drinks off bottles closed by Oscar pourers.

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