TBT Hardware is produced in our own production site. Thus, we have continuous control over the quality of our devices. We want to furnish our customers with optimally configured systems; if required, we also adapt single devices to the special needs of a customer.

Another warranty for "function without friction" is our TBT-Software, which also is programmed by ourselves. This guarantees the co-operation of all our components in a winning team.

Queen Standard

Queen is an extraordinary device for integrated beverage control, booking and billing.

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A new form of dispensing equipment. Mini-Queen comes up to the requirement for dispensing equipment to be small, compact and flexible.

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Single Queen

Single Queen is a successful composition of design, modern electrical technology and classical beverage technology. Single queen allows you to dispense drinks cooled all the way to the tap.

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Compact beverage control system for your counter.

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Oscar2, the successor to Oscar, is an all-bottle beverage control device in a compact chassis. Dispensing is done using a "pourer" and an "activator" - wired or as table-mounted device.

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OEM Bar electronics

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This innovative waiter lock system grants you high security in the setup of your devices. The keys are furnished with a transponder and a 128-byte EEPROM. They can be configured on the PC or with a portable programming device.

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